Meet The Team

Meet the wonderfully enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable individuals that make up The Dancer’s Room team, each one of us is from or active within the dance industry or have children following a dance career.

  • Becky Edwards

    (Visionary and Charismatic Leader)

    Founder, Managing Director

    and Pointe Shoe Fitter

    Becky has been actively involved in the dance world for many years getting involved when her 20-year-old daughter started dancing aged 3. “Like most mums, I wanted dancewear that looked great, washed well but that lasted more than 5 minutes but I just couldn’t find it, anywhere! So I started to source it for myself that naturally led onto me sourcing it for other mums and ultimately opening a shop."


    "My ethos for my shop from day one has always been to source and to sell the finest quality dancewear that lasts but also offer a great shopping experience. I believe that it should be a great experience shopping for dancewear, not a chore. With the Dancer’s Room, we have finally been able to create a brand that meets my aspirations and moving to a bigger, better shop we can offer the unique shopping experience I think our customers will love. The rebrand of Stardust into the Dancer’s Room has been amazing, and I can’t wait to show all of our customers our new home. I love what I do and given the chance to do anything else I’d still do this, what could be better than helping the next generation of dancers achieve their dreams?”


    My favourite dance quote:

    “Dance with your heart and your feet will follow.” Anon


  • Charlotte Davies

    (Dance Teacher in Residence)

    Retail Manager, Sales Assistant

    and Pointe Shoe Fitter

    Charlotte has been in love with dance her whole life - it’s what makes a great teacher. She started dancing at a young age and always knew she wanted to be a dance teacher. When she was nine years old she appeared in the local paper, dressed as a cat and told the reporter “when I grow up I am going to be a dance teacher.”


    Today Charlotte is the head of the Lower School at Elite Academy of Performing Arts and teaches students that range in ages from 18 months up to adults. “I love both my jobs with equal passion - as a teacher I love to watch my students progress, I especially love seeing their faces when they first get up onto pointe and being part of The Dancer’s Room’s journey has been amazing, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”


    My favourite dance quote:

    “Why walk when you can dance?”  Ellen van Dam

  • Louise Barnes

    (Brand and Marketing Guru)

    Business Manager, Sales Assistant

    and Pointe Shoe Fitter

    Louise is another ‘dance mum’ whose daughter, now in her graduate year, trains vocationally. A Global Brand Director by trade, she has worked with Becky and the team to create The Dancer’s Room brand and helped to put rigor into the business side of The Dancer’s Room.


    Having shared the same years of frustration as Becky sourcing the right quality dancewear, Louise loves to work in the shop, engaging with customers and helping them work out what they need. “Working with The Dancers Room has been a fantastic experience and in addition to the branding and marketing activities, I have really loved learning how to fit pointe shoes professionally and look forward to helping the next generation of dancers realise their dreams.”


    My favourite dance quote:

    “I did everything he did, but backwards and in high heels.” Ginger Rogers

  • Libby Cashmore-Clifton

    Sales Assistant

    Libby has been a dancer since the age of seven and is a student of Lisayne Ballet School. If fact, both her and her two younger sisters all dance so there is never a dull moment in her house! “Dance helps me to express myself and escape from reality… my dream is to dance with a company such as Matthew Bourne but I’d also love to teach and inspire other people.”


    Currently studying for a level three dance diploma Libby is hoping to carry on performing into her university studies. Meanwhile, luckily for us, she very much enjoys being part of The Dancer’s Room team “I love meeting all the dancers that come into the shop, hearing about where they dance and what opportunities they all get. I’ve learnt so much from all the team and enjoy working alongside them very much.”


    My favourite dance quote:

    “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham

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