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Dance Teachers


The Dancer’s Room takes its role in the wider dance community very seriously. We believe that dance nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and healthy minds and bodies and in turn this leads to a happy and healthy society!


For us, the best way to promote this amazing art form is to build strong, meaningful relationships with not only our customers but also dance schools, dance teachers and practitioners. Our only aim is to work respectfully and collaboratively together to best serve the needs of every dancer.


Over the last 13 years, we have tried and tested many brands of dancewear and footwear. We have built relationships with manufacturers and listened to the needs and preferences of dancers, teachers and parents as they have fed back about the style and quality of items in class, rehearsal and performance environments.


We stock good quality products to suit everyday class or we can help you source more bespoke requirements. We really do understand importance of well fitting garments and shoes and always advise parents of dance teacher expectations.

Deciding that any dancer is ready for pointe work is a big decision and responsibility. We are here to share that responsibility and support you with an expert pointe shoe fitting service. Every pointe shoe fitter at The Dancer’s Room is fully trained, receives ongoing training and fits shoes to not only look nice but also ensure the health and safety of the dancer and encourage strong development of technique. For more information, take a look at our Pointe Shoe Fitting page.

We would love to support your dancing dreams and would welcome any dance school or dance teacher to get in contact to discuss the requirements of your students. If it is helpful to you, we can hold a school uniform list for students that wish to purchase from us, all we ask is that you update us when you make revisions. Equally, If you have shows or competitions coming up, let us know in advance of any additional items pupils may require and we can have more stock available

For more information please contact Becky Edwards at

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